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Black Sesame Paste with Caramel Sea Salt Truffle Snowskin Mooncake & Royal Milk Tea Paste with Honey Osmanthus Truffle Snowskin Mooncake

宴庭的玻璃月饼礼盒|The St. Regis Singapore

Traditional Baked Mooncakes

樱桃园的月饼礼盒 |Mandarin Oriental

A Mid-Autumn Nights Dream by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

江南春的月饼礼盒 | Four Seasons Singapore

InterContinental Singapore Baked Mooncakes

满福苑的月饼礼盒|Intercontinental Singapore

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel’s mini mooncakes and limited edition jewellery box

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel的月饼礼盒以首都剧院和临近的Chijmes的彩色玻璃花窗作为装饰图案。

Here Are 5 Pretty Mooncake Boxes If You Want To Impress Someone





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